Adrasan is a small village with a beautiful bay. It is 80 km from Antalya city center. It is situated between the Bey Mountains and Mediterranean sea. The bay is surrounded with mountains covered in pine forests. The temperature is not high during the summer. The wind flows from the land to the sea and vice versa working as a natural air conditioner which decreases the temperature and makes Adrasan an easy  and comfortable place to spend the summer.


The bay of Adrasan has shallow water and the beach consists of sand and gravel. The water temperature is warm during the season and it has a clear vision up to 30 meters beneath the surface. Lots of scuba divers and underwater photographers are attracted by these features of the sea and visit Adrasan. You can swim everywhere all through the beach. As a closed bay, the sea is mostly calm and not wavy.


On the left of the Adrasan bay, there is the Adrasan river. It is a unique place with a beautiful environment. The river is covered by huge plane trees.  The water of the river is clean. Restaurants and hotels are situated by this river. This area is a very nice place for dining and resting. You pass through the bridges to reach these restaurants and hotels. You can have your food on the platforms on the river bed  accompanied by greedy ducks and fish.


On the right of the bay there are hotels and restaurants by the sea. This area is more crowded and lively. 


In the evenings, after dinner you can walk along the bay which will help your digestion with a beautiful scene.